Vacancies IT

Are you self-employed and looking for ICT vacancies? Do you want to work for leading clients such as Rabobank. USG People, Province of Gelderland? Are you an IT professional with passion who likes to work with the latest techniques? Sign up at WIBA IT or view the vacancies ICT. WIBA IT has been named best ZZP mediator in the IT secondment category. We work not only for the clients, but also for you as a ZZPer.

At WIBA IT there are always vacancies ICT at leading clients. You will be placed directly with end customers such as Rabobank, USG People, Amsterdam-Amstelland Police and more. Our freelancers are in the unique position to work with the latest techniques.
If you are looking for vacancies ICT as a freelancer and you do not have the network yourself, IT secondment is an excellent choice. WIBA IT differs from other IT secondment agencies because it only works with freelancers and freelancers are placed directly with the end customer. At WIBA IT you get a permanent contact person with whom you can go with all your questions or for help and advice.
Do you want to work for leading clients at a market-based hourly rate? Are you an IT man in heart and soul and do you want to work with the latest techniques? View the open vacancies ICT or sign up immediately to keep up to date with new challenges. WIBA IT has been named ZZP mediator of 2015 in the category IT secondment and ensures the right match between client and freelancer.