Our working method for Partners

At WIBA IT we know how important it is to be a reliable partner for you. That’s why our staff is experienced and they know how they can help you best. Because you are linked to a single contact person, they know exactly who and what they are talking about. We care a lot about the quality of our relationships and assignments, which is why they are critically analyzed. This analysis ensures that we can offer your employees the best and most challenging assignments. In addition to the analysis, we only work with end customers. This method promotes quality, communication and offers us the opportunity to influence the entire process. This is good for both the customer and our partners. The end customers also expect excellent quality in turn. Because of this fact, we are looking for partners who can deliver on the basis of these conditions.
In addition to reliability and quality, at WIBA IT we also provide a personal and targeted approach. You are invited to visit our office so that you can really get to know the company. This is also a perfect time to ask any questions. This approach also comes back to the support that your employees receive in preparation for the intake interview. We keep a pre-intake with another contractor who is on the same or similar assignment with the client concerned. This ensures that your employee knows what questions can be posed, making him stronger in his shoes. After this interview and an agreement with the client, we ensure that during the execution of the assignment we coach and support your employee where necessary. Should problems arise, we will ensure that these are resolved quickly!
To support this entire process, we give you and your employees the opportunity to use our handy portal. This gives you easy overview of the status of job registrations. In addition, the portal also gives you recommendations for assignments on the basis of the information that you have provided as a partner for your employees. In addition to the overview of orders and registrations, the portal is also a place where the contracts and accompanying documents between your employees and end customers are kept. Because the portal has been created on the basis of recent legislative changes (which you can read here) it meets the requirements that the law requires.
We think it is important to work together with other organizations. And we would like to partner with you! All you have to do is contact us. This can be done by registering in the portal, sending an email to info@wiba-it.nl or calling +31 (0) 10 840 9999.

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