WIBA IT was founded on the idea of improvement. Anne Willeboordse, the company’s owner, saw the underlying reasons behind the detrimental effects of “mass” secondment. Not only the quality of assignments but also the degree of suitability between the candidate and the assignment decreased considerably. To bring in a change and guarantee quality to all the involved parties, Anne founded WIBA IT. WIBA IT does not take just on any assignment. When selecting assignments, both the client and the assignment itself are critically examined. Only by setting higher standards, can we guarantee the quality that WIBA IT is known for.

WIBA IT does not work with brokers toensure that your employee has a greater chance of a possible assignment. To keep the hiring chain as short as possible, we do the same on the candidate’s side. We are, therefore, only open to partners with our own employees. This creates a collaboration that adds value to both parties involved.

We help your candidates prepare for the intake interview, which in turn eliminates potential worries from your shoulders. This preparation also considerably increases the chances of success for the candidate. We do not only support your employees, but we also keep you informed on the latest developments in the industry, such as the Acts DBA and WBP. On the basis of the changes in these laws, you and your employees are informed and prepared accordingly.

As an intermediary, we know that overview is very important. To give you a more complete picture of your new, current and past assignments, we have developed a dedicated portal. There you can see the status of your application processes and find relevant documents. This portal has been developed on the basis of recent and upcoming legislative changes, so that your employees can easily manage the personal data.

Do you also want to work with a progressive organization that is fully committed to its customers, partners and freelancers every day? And enjoy the many benefits that WIBA IT offers? Please contact us via the form below or by callingĀ +31 (0) 10 8409999.

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