WIBA IT is Bovib certificied!

For a long time, we have been working as an organization to realize the best match between the client and the candidate. Our service is essential to achieve this goal. To continuously improve our services, we have long been affiliated with the Bovib (Branch organization for Intermediaries and Brokers). Part of the membership is obtaining the quality mark. For example, an organization can demonstrate compliance with the Bovib guidelines. We are proud to announce that WIBA IT is officially Bovib certified!

The Bovib is an association that consists of independent hiring intermediaries that link supply and demand of flexible workers to each other and that can manage and direct all hiring processes for the clients. The association optimizes the functioning of supply and demand between suppliers and recipients of flexible work when mediating (in particular) self-employed professionals. Primarily the members are not suppliers, but mediators or directors, where the interests of the hirer and the freelancer are paramount when fulfilling the need.

The organization represents an economic interest of more than 2 billion euros in the Netherlands. Every year, the members provide work for many tens of thousands of people, as a mediator or as an employer.

With the Bovib Quality mark, hiring intermediaries are distinguished within the flex industry. The Bovib has identified a strong need for a quality mark that assesses and supervises legislation and regulations, quality requirements and risk reduction in the financial and fiscal fields appropriate to the service forms within Bovib. The most important objectives of the quality mark are:

  • Limiting the risk of financial and fiscal liability
  • Guaranteeing quality of service
  • Risk-oriented thinking from processes.

Are you looking for an intermediary that thinks along with you and continuously strives for the best possible match between your organization and the candidate? Then you are at the right address at WIBA IT! Feel free to contact us via the form below or by calling us at 010 840 9999. We are happy to help.

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