Why should you work with WIBA IT?

As an IT intermediary, we regularly have to explain what our added value is and why customers should choose to work with us. It is an important question that our Account Manager Rolf Weijnand would like to explain in his blog.

“What is your added value? ” – a question I received a long time ago during my first job as a Business Consultant at a Recruitment & Selection agency. At that time, I was only working for 2 weeks for my back then employer.

Nowadays I work at WIBA IT, an IT intermediary, as an Account Manager and I have a lot more experience. Nonetheless, I figured out that the first question I received back at the start of my career, during my first meetings with the client, is precisely the most crucial question in my field and career. As an Account Manager, Recruiter, Business Consultant or any other role within employment and personnel secondment, this question is exactly where you can distinguish yourself in the challenging and brilliant profession of personnel secondment.

Within WIBA IT, I have experienced what the added value of an intermediary can really be, and it is the people behind the intermediary. At the end of the day, this field is all about “people”. Every day we are in contact with people, think of the customers but also the IT professionals who we help to find assignments every day.

If you, together as an organization, support your services and everyone goes that extra mile to make a difference, you will feel that within every discipline. That extra step that everyone takes within the organization is the added value that you can offer as an organization. Personally, I try to make the difference every day by listening carefully to my customers, understanding them and giving them a piece of honest advice. In the end, real human treatment within the world of employment mediation is where you can make a difference, in my opinion.

WIBA IT was founded because its founder noticed that the human aspect was missing and he thought some other things could be done better too. Now, more than 10 years later you still feel this drive within the organization.

So what is the conclusion now? How can we actually make a difference? The answer is plain simple, by acting transparently, humanely, doing a good job and, above all, staying close to ourselves as both, the organization and the person behind the organization.

That is exactly how WIBA IT has over 100 satisfied customers on her account. We fill more than 400 IT assignments per year. We consider quality to be of paramount importance and we pay attention to detail and know-how to fulfil your needs. We always brainstorm with our clients over the required IT. This way we can find the best match or assignment for you in no time!

Since 2007 we have been able to realize various placements with different clients. Do you want to know more about the possibilities within WIBA IT? Then it is best to contact our account managers directly via 010 899 0108 or send an email to sales@wiba-it.nl. You can also ask your questions below.

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