The Dutch IRS is approved

Since early 2016, Bovib has worked to draw up model agreements and have them approved by the tax authorities that cover the whole hiring chain. A very challenging task that the Bovib has taken on well.

Approval At the end of 2016 (December) the Dutch IRS approved the model agreement between intermediaries and Independent Professionals. The agreement was implemented by WIBA IT in early January and all freelancers who have been deployed via WIBA IT have also signed the agreement. This has created more clarity about the legislation and the associated expectations. A result that we, as an organization, are very proud of.

The second approval Exactly one year later (December 2017), the IRS approved the model agreement (in this case a framework agreement) between the intermediary and the client. The agreement was published in February 2018 on the website of the IRS, making it official. At the moment, WIBA IT is not yet using the framework agreement. We are in the process of perusing it to answer possible questions. As soon as we will start using the framework agreement, we will, or course, let you know.

Full coverage withthe agreements covering both sides of the chain, Bovib is the first (sector) organization to have achieved it. It is a unique accomplishment of which we, as a member, are very proud.

You can learn more about the IRS and model agreements from their website that is only available in Dutch.