Our new portal

We wasn’t easy, but the new website has been live for a week now. It was a fairly smooth transition from the old to the new website. We have received quite a few questions about our portal. Why we have developed it and how various features work. That is why we dedicated this blog post to the portal.

over the course of two year, some of our interns did research on customer satisfaction and service optimisation. One aspect of these studies was customer services via the website. The findings were such: the top priority is transparency during the application process. The second finding indicated that our customers highly value proper usability and appearance of the website. That is when WIBA IT had to act! That is how the portal came into being. A digital environment where candidates and partners can easily acces and manage their data. It also possible to see how far one is in the application process, as it was the most requested feature.

In order to offer an optimal experience to the end-user, we had to link the portal to our CRM system. After all, we wanted candidates and partners to be able to edit their data themselves. We managed to achieve this by editing the REST API from our CRM system. Every data field required for the portal has now been made editable for the end-user.

Our starting point with the portal is complete transparency towards our partners and candidates. In order it, we have mapped our recruitment process to determine which features are most valuable to the end-user.

At WIBA IT, we work with multiple phases in the recruitment process. We use the following application phases:

  • Phase 1: Inflow – All candidates who respond to any vacancy available on our site are collected at this stage. Think of it as the first step in a funnel.
  • Phase 2: Selection – At this stage our recruiters make a selection of the candidates that fit the application through their CV. Then they call the candidates for further screening.
  • Phase 3: Proposals – In this phase our recruiter will propose the best candidates to the client. He/she also explains her choices by means of a phone call with the hiring manager.
  • Phase 4: Intake – A candidate is allowed to talk to the customer. If possible, an Account manager from WIBA IT will accompany the candidate to an appointment.
  • Phase 5: Placed – The client is enthusiastic and would like to have the candidate on the assignment.
  • Phase 6: Rejected – If a rejection has occurred at any stage of he process, it will be communicated to the candidate along with the reason for it.

We wanted to provide insight into all these phases for our candidates and partners. That way they can see at a glance how things stand. This has the additional advantage that there are fewer short telephone conversations between the candidate and the recruiter. A win-win situation!

Another important aspect is documentation processing for contracts. Previously, this process was always done per email which is not so secure. Therefore, it was replaced by more reliable and secure procedures. Here we have, once again, put in extra effort since the introduction of GDPR on 25 May 2018.

From now on, whenever Phase 5 is reached, you will see several possibilities for uploading documents via the portal. Once these have been uploaded, our Contract Manager would process them and prepare a contract/agreement in our system. The candidate or partner can then download, sign and upload the agreement (and all of this in a highly-secure environment).

The portal would not be complete by offering our candidates and partners more choice than just the running applications. That is why we have also built in a function to show relevant vacancies to our end-users. For example, you could apply for a new assignment directly from within the portal.

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