Infographic: 10 years of WIBA IT at a glance!

It won’t be long before we enter 2018. A great opportunity to show the last 10 years of WIBA IT in an infographic!

One of the most striking elements is, of course, our 10th anniversary and out 100th placement. To celebrate that anniversary and to give everything some greater depth, we also interviewed the man behind the company, to find out about who Anne Willeboordse is, as a person and as a businessman. In addition, we welcome four new colleagues in 2017. The new colleagues could join in the celebrations straightway! A perfect way to really meet the team.

Reinforcements of the team are always welcome, of course, so we are very happy with the four new colleagues, who will help make sure that WIBA IT keeps growing and will be able to maintain its high quality in years to come. And it is our goal to keep providing the service we have been providing to partners, clients and freelancers in the coming years.

At WIBA IT, we like seeing what our results are, and an infographic is a good way to do that. All the relevant statistics of the last 10 years at a single glance.