HTTPS as a new standard

WIBA IT continually strives to improve the reliability, security and quality of offered services. A new step in security mesaures has been undertaken today with the transfer of the website to a more secure https protocol.

You might notice that most copanies are still using the http protocol ont heir websites. It is visible in the URLs of those websites , as they start with ‘http://’. The new industry standard, the https protocl, is a safer alternative for http, as the data trtansferred is encrypted in the new standard. This encryption requires an installation of a so-called SSL certificate. Each domain name has its own unique SSL certificate, which means it cannot be copied. Furthermore, it is almost impossible for outsiders to capture the information being transferred via the website in question.

Once a website has been secured with SSL certificate, the URL of the website will receive the ‘https://’ at its beginning. Many browsers display a green lock to the left of the URL bar, as proof that this is a secure website with a valid SSL certificate. We are happy to say that our website is also secured now!

Our organization keeps growing and it is also noticeable in our web traffic, which has grown considerably over the last year. Taking this step, was important for us, as we want to safeguard the online privacy and security of our clients and candidates.