Green light for Model Contract Bovib

The Bovib has learned this week through her lawyer that the submitted Model Agreement has finally been approved by the Tax Authorities. Green light! The corresponding Contract of Assignment (CoA) has also been approved, but a formal confirmation of this has to be followed. With the combination of the Model Agreement and the CoA, there is a solution that not only offers a solution for the ZP’ers, but also for the clients. This enables us, as WIBA IT, to take care of the hiring in 2017 just like in previous years, also within the framework of the DBA Act.

Speaking of frameworks, there are unfortunately no breakthroughs in that area. The debate of December 13 still provides insufficient certainty. The suggestions that have been made have as yet not been taken over by the government. Time will tell how that will develop. The near future is relatively rosy, with the postponement of the implementation and of course the approved agreement. Things like the duration of an assignment and dependence are tackled by the Bovib agreement and, in combination with the Assignment Agreement mentioned earlier, we at least have an airtight procedure within existing frameworks.

More and more detailed information will follow as soon as there is time and space for it and as soon as we know exactly how the use of these two things will work out within our services. We will keep you informed, of course.

For freelancers wanting to know more about what the new legislation means for them and what they themselves can do, except use the Model agreement, we organize an informative evening on January 12, where we will address the practical matters for freelancers, and there will be plenty of room to ask questions.

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