5 reasons to hire freelance IT specialists

At WIBA IT we exclusively work with freelance IT professionals despite growing demand for permanent IT employees. So why would you choose for a freelancer? Our colleague Wouter van den Berge, Account manager at WIBA IT,  did research on the topic. He would like to share his finding with you. Are you interested in the advantages that hiring a freelance IT  specialist can bring to your organisation? Then keep on reading.

Freelancers provide a fresh perspective, versatility in knowledge and experience. By hiring freelancers you get someone who will see your company with a fresh perspective, who has multiple clients as a reference point, also often from the same industry. Because they have worked for many different clients, freelancers can quickly respond to changing situations and implement the knowledge and experience they have gained in previous projects at your company.

In the current market, the staff shortage is really noticeable. A freelancer is often a great solution when you suddenly find yourself in an extremely busy period. Are you starting a new project that requires extra capacity? Or do you miss specific expertise? Then temporarily engage an IT specialist! Also, remember that most IT projects have a duration of 3, 6 or 9 months. Therefore, a fixed structure is simply not relevant here, but the hiring of a freelance specialist is.

Despite often high hourly rates, freelancers can ensure costs and save time. Remember that as a company you do not have to pay social security contributions, you do not have to deal with (sick) leave, vacation pay, vacation days, travel costs for the employer or the 13th month for such a specialist. Employer risk is also limited and you are not committed to anything. You only pay for the hours that the freelancer actually works. In addition, few administrative actions are required, since we provide complete unburdening from WIBA IT.

Freelancers are responsible for their own business and professional image. This gives them an extreme sense of responsibility and the drive to deliver the best possible end result, because their success determines whether they will receive future assignments.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, there are more and more self-employed people. In 2018, there were almost 1.1 million people in employment with a main job as self-employed. In information and communication, the share of self-employed persons rose above average. For a fast-growing sector such as IT, it is also possible that more and more temporary assignments and flexible constructions are coming.

CBS increase in the number of self-employed within IT in the Netherlands

Source: CBS (https://www.cbs.nl/nl-nl/dossier/dossier-zzp/hoofdcategorieen/ontwikkelingen-zzp)

WIBA IT has been working with freelance IT-specialists for over 12 years now, having over 85 satisfied customers in our portfolio. Are you also open for hiring temporary specialists? We would gladly answer all your questions and advise you on working with self-employed specialists. You can find more information about our working procedures in the dedicated Client section on the website. You can also always reach us via 010 840 9999 during the working hours.

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