What you need to know before you dig into DevOps

Are you already familiar with Agile? Then you probably also heard about DevOps. But what exactly does DevOps mean and what does it stand for? WIBA IT is happy to tell you more about DevOps and how you can get started with it. We also tell you more about the characteristics of a good DevOps specialist.
DevOps is a software development methodology (Dev) combined with an IT operations model (Ops). DevOps aims to shorten software development cycles, an increased frequency and reliability of delivery, in close accordance with the business objectives. The main feature of the DevOps is the emphasis on automation and monitoring in all parts of software building, from integration, testing, release to deployment and infrastructure management. DevOps is, therefore, a multidisciplinary phenomenon and solves problems quickly because a DevOps engineer knows the application through and through.
Cloud computing, which is becoming increasingly popular, has confronted large organizations with problems. Think of the organizations with many customers, web users who purchase the services via the website. These are often e-commerce companies such as bol.com and Amazon. Delay and/or error in service causes problems and often are tied to financial losses for the entire organization.

The trend towards DevOps is driven by Agile software development on the side of development and automation and virtualization on the side of system management. Both developments entail rapid changes that disrupt traditional IT organizations. These organizations should consider a DevOps model to gain significant benefits in terms of efficiency, quality and manoeuvrability. However, do not use DevOps if your only goal is cost savings, but use it for a structural improvement of the entire development and management process.

Companies that want to start using the DevOps method must have a clear picture of the problem that is going on within their organization. Teams that switch to DevOps culture, methods and tools deliver higher performance and build better products faster for higher customer satisfaction. This improved collaboration and productivity are also indispensable to achieving business goals. As soon as DevOps works for you, you would quickly see the result in decreasing the number of service desk requests and customer satisfaction.

Do you also want to implement DevOps in your company? Then your employees will have to think differently and have certain technical tools to better test, develop code and monitor. Putting together and implementing a DevOps team requires a lot of time and energy.

The DevOps approach requires people with multidisciplinary skills. IT specialists who are familiar with both infrastructure and configuration, but also want to perform tests and debug software.

DevOps specialists are facilitators and communicators who work together with each department. These specialists are aware of the continuous nature of the method whereby they strive for continuous improvement through testing, integration, implementation and monitoring.

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