Presentation of the Computable Awards 2016

It has happened! Yesterday, On Tuesday, November 1, 2016, ceremony of the Computable Awards 2016 took place.

The WIBA IT team headed for Utrecht around 17:00 in an amazing Hummer limo. The planned arrival time was 18:00, but thanks to the busiest traffic jam of the year, we were briefly delayed. Fortunately, the team arrived on time to enjoy the fantastic dinner prior to the Award show.

The presentation of a highly anticipated prestigious award is always exciting. Hella Hueck had the honour of presenting the award show in the Beatrix Theater, joined on stage by a band and by various people from the IT community. There were 20 awards to be presented in 20 categories. The category best IT intermediary was third in line and everyone was on the edge of their seat. Would WIBA IT manage to take home this fantastic award?

Alas, this time WIBA IT did not win the award. A stronger opponent beat us to it. Of course, Team WIBA IT was upset, but at the same time, we are very proud of being nominated by Computable Award. This nomination means that WIBA IT is one of the 10 best IT intermediaries in the Netherlands and that in itself is quite an achievement!

Everyone in the WIBA IT team wants to thank all those who voted for us. As a small organization, WIBA IT goes an extra mile each and every day, for its clients and freelancers. It is rewarding to see that so many people appreciate our commitment, support the company and want to see us grow and succeed.

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