WIBA IT (for the third time) is in the Top 250 fastest groweing companies of the Netherlands

Result worth sharing

WIBA IT has been announced (for the third time) among the 250 fastest growing Dutch companies.
added value of WIBA IT

Why should you work with WIBA IT?

Are you curious about the added value of WIBA IT as an IT intermediary? Rolf Weijnand is happy to tell you more.
learn more about DevOps

What you need to know before you dig into DevOps

Are you already familiar with Agile? Then you have probably also heard of DevOps. But what exactly does DevOps mean?
The IT sector appears more and more often in the news

Shortage of IT-specialists: WIBA IT offers solutions

The IT sector appears more and more often in the news messages and often with the same message - "there is a shortage of IT
Gozde Yilmaz speaks during Recruitment in the sun festival

Festival recruitment in the sun was a big success

On August 27, the Academy for Labour market communication organised a Recruitment festival. Topics that were discussed the d
Freelance and self-employed IT specialists are very attractive for hiring managers

5 reasons to hire freelance IT specialists

At WIBA IT we exclusively work with freelance IT professionals despite growing demand for permanent IT employees. So why wou
Gozde Yilmaz gives a workshop during the Recruitment festival in the sun

Vlogging IT Recruiter Gözde Yilmaz in the sun

On Tuesday, August 27, the Academy for Labour Market Communication is organizing a "Recruitment in the sun" event. Our vlogg
DBA Act a self-employed person in the Netherlands

Latest update on the DBA Act

The government is working on a minimum rate for all self-employed people in the Netherlands; self-employed should earn no le
Minimum hourly rate for self-employed: 16 euros per hour

Minimum rate for self-employed: there are still many questions

The government has been looking for ways to protect the growing group of self-employed workers. Therefore, a minimum rate wi