Java developers

As a Java developer, you can translate information services and processes into Java solutions like no other. Are you a freelancer and do you want to work with the latest techniques at leading clients? Then you are at the right address at WIBA IT. We place freelancers at clients and we are good at that. It is no coincidence that WIBA IT was named best ZZP broker in the IT secondment category.

Are you passionate about Java? And are you good at creating customized corporate solutions? Then we want to hear from you. We place our Java Developers directly with our clients, so no time-consuming interview rounds. With us, you will have a dedicated contact to guide you through the procedure, and who you can call for help, questions and advice, for instance about your LinkedIn profile of an open IT vacancy.
As a Java Developer, naturally you love working with the latest technologies for the best result. Many companies use outdated technologies, bit at WIBA IT, you will be working with state-of-the-art technologies. Working for leading companies, with the latest technologies and for a competitive hourly rate: that is what WIBA IT has to offer a Java Developer like yourself.
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