IT secondment

Are you an IT specialist? Would you like to work for leading clients and with the latest technologies? WIBA IT is an ICT secondment agency where IT staff are placed with the end customer. Because we have a continuous demand for IT specialists, we are always eagerly looking for the best IT specialists with proven experience and knowledge. Register to stay informed about new assignments.
WIBA IT is an independent IT intermediary. We don’t have any IT staff on the payroll that we need to place first, but only work with freelancers and independent contractors. We work for large organizations and businesses, like the Chamber of Commerce, Gelderland Province, USG People and Rabobank. Our goal is to find the right match between our clients and IT specialists. That means you!
At WIBA IT, you will have a dedicated contact, during the entire outplacement period, and afterwards. And also, for instance, when it comes to writing or updating your CV or LinkedIn profile. We love helping people who are new to life as a freelance IT specialist. And it is that service-oriented attitude that earned us the title IT intermediary of the year.If you want to work for leading companies, with the latest technologies, then WIBA IT is the place for you. WIBA IT is an IT intermediary that goes the extra mile, for its clients and for its IT specialist. Again, that means you!
WIBA IT is an IT intermediary that is always looking for a perfect match between its leading clients, like Rabobank and the Chamber of Commerce, and various IT specialists. Register now, and we will let you know when we have the perfect match for you.