IT companies

Are you a freelancer looking for IT vacancies? Do you not want to work your way through the offer and preferably not waste time on application procedures? WIBA IT offers no complicated and time-consuming processes. We place our freelancers directly with the end customer. It is no coincidence that WIBA IT was named The freelancer broker of the year in the IT secondment category. Register with the best mediator in the Netherlands today.

WIBA IT only works with freelancers. We have no staff on contract who are prioritised. We are about finding the right freelancers for all our assignments. We work with leading clients, like Rabobank, USG People and Province Gelderland. Which means you will be working for organizations used to deploying the latest technologies and valuing skills and experience.

WIBA IT was voted IT intermediary of the year because WIBA IT not only looks after her clients but also after the freelance IT specialists. At WIBA IT, you have a dedicated contact, helps you during your outplacement and also supports you in updating your CV or LinkedIn profile, and who will answer any questions you may have.

At WIBA IT, we get new IT jobs all the time. So if you are a freelance IT specialist wanting to work with the latest technologies and for leading companies, make sure to register now, and we will let you know the second we have an interesting proposal for you.