Our method for Freelancers

As a Freelancer you are looking for the best jobs that fit your skills perfectly. WIBA IT has developed a method whereby assignments and specialists are perfectly linked to each other. In addition to the link between a specialist and the assignment, it is the mediation that distinguishes WIBA IT. The combination of this working method and the excellent mediation has ensured that WIBA IT has several awards and nominations to its name and is constantly growing every year.
At WIBA IT we give a lot of personal attention, therefore you are also linked to a permanent contact person. Our recruiters ensure that your wishes become clear and obsolete. If it is clear what you can do in terms of assignments, our recruiters are the perfect job for you. Once you have put into effect, you can immediately use the many benefits WIBA IT offers you. This way you receive guidance during the entire process. Think of a pre-intake with a similar candidate who is already with this client. We also prepare you optimally and we work together for maximum results. And if you have questions about the assignment or other matters, then you can contact us outside office hours!

If you are registered as a freelancer, you can use our portal in which you can keep an overview of various job registrations and their status. In addition, the portal also gives you recommendations for assignments based on a maximum of three functions that you have filled in as a specialist. This allows you to quickly and clearly see if there are other assignments that are relevant to the criteria you have filled in.

As a registered freelancer or after you have registered for an assignment, the selection procedure starts. You will be tested against the conditions of the customer, so that it is clear that the assignment really suits you. Once this has been completed, you will write a motivation letter and send your resume. One of the services that WIBA IT offers is that you get support with writing the motivation and when improving or writing your CV (see this page). This significantly increases the chance of acceptance for the assignment. Eventually an intake will take place with the client. From this the decision will come whether you can start the assignment. After there has been a positive feedback, we will draw the contract to you. We use the approved Model Agreement of the Bovib. Once you have signed it, the assignment can begin!
WIBA IT offers you full service and is also ready for you after signing the contract. Are there, for example, complications during the execution of the assignment? Do not hesitate and contact your permanent contact at WIBA IT. He is always ready to tackle each challenge (thoroughly) together. We also help you to make your profile as professional as possible. This applies to your resume, your LinkedIn profile and your details in our portal. This will bring you back to a new challenge as soon as possible after the end of an assignment!
To put the above information in a personal perspective, you can look here at the experiences of specialists who have worked with us before. From these stories you can see what the advantages of WIBA IT mean to them.
Are you interested or looking for an assignment directly? Register directly via link or contact us through our contact page or sign up on our portal!

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