That is why clients choose for WIBA IT

Are you, as a hiring manager, looking for a reliable partner for the flexible layer of your department? WIBA IT has helped more than 85 clients during their 10-year existence to find the right (interim) specialist (s). As an independent intermediary we strive to make the best match between supply and demand in the field of IT professionals.
WIBA IT works independently, this means that we do not have our own IT specialists for possible assignments. Because we do not have IT specialists in employment, we can make the best match without disinterest by using our network of freelancers and partners. This is in contrast to secondments who depend on the availability of own staff.
With a network of thousands of freelancers and hundreds of specialized partners we can propose intake worthy candidates within a few working days. WIBA IT strives to introduce candidates as quickly as possible without losing sight of the personal match between candidate and client.
WIBA IT only presents candidates to clients. Candidates are freelancers or employees of a specialized partner who are in direct contact with WIBA IT. As a result, there will never be more than one intermediary link, which ensures optimal communication, favorable rates and candidates that really fit. This way, WIBA IT can really add value for clients and candidates.
The added value of our service has proven itself several times. This is evident from the ratecard references given by valued candidates and clients. In addition, WIBA IT has been nominated over the years for several awards and we have even won a number.


All the aforementioned expresses itself in the tangible fact that WIBA IT has already received several prizes and nominations and may even call itself the best zzp-mediator 2015/2016 in the category IT-posting!

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