Our method for clients

As a provider of orders, it is nice to know how WIBA IT works with the processing of the orders. Firstly, it is important to know that WIBA IT works with external IT specialists. Because we are not connected to a limitation in the number specialists, there are several candidates almost on every call and the choice is often wide. In addition, WIBA IT has built up a large network over the years so that there is a perfect candidate for every assignment. The WIBA IT network consists of the most different specialists and there is a specialist for every phase in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). In this cycle a specialist can be arranged for all phases, from planning to the final deployment of an IT system. The network is large, but the core of permanent employees is small. This guarantees the personal contact with you as a client and the specialists. This results in short communication lines and smooth connections between all parties.
After enough candidates have been recruited, a selection is made and the second phase begins, in which we decide which candidates we are going to present. All the candidates we present have been interviewed in advance by the account manager and/or the recruiter. We want to know more about the knowledge and skills of our candidates, of course, but we are also curious about their personality. When we present a candidate, we provide the client with the candidate’s CV, as well as other relevant information, like availability, hourly rate and any important wishes of the candidate.

After sufficient candidates have been recruited, a selection is made and the candidates enter the second phase. In this phase we determine which candidates are proposed. All proposed candidates have been interviewed by the account manager and / or the recruiter. We are of course curious about what the candidate can do, but also who he / she is. The offer will also include other important details in addition to the CV. Consider the availability, the hourly rate and any important wishes of the candidate.

We would like to be present during the intake interviews (if possible). To guide the candidate, monitor the process and perfect the selection procedure. If the candidate is hired, WIBA IT can take handle the contract. The agreements WIBA IT uses to that end comply with the latest legislation and regulations. As a recognized member of Bovib (Sector organization for intermediaries and brokers), WIBA IT is in a position to anticipate future changes to the law, allowing you to hire a specialist without problems.

The added value of our service has proven itself several times. This has led to beautiful references given by valued candidates and clients. These references can be found on Ratecard
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