System engineer

Can you modify and develop computer systems like no other so that the companies could work with the latest automation techniques? You link functionality to user-friendliness and you know how to maintain and improve a computer system. Are you an experienced system engineer working on a freelance basis? Then we are looking for you! We are WIBA IT, an IT secondment agency for appealing clients and you as a freelancer.

In 2015, WIBA IT was voted IT intermediary of the year, which means we are a reliable partner for any system engineer looking for freelance work. Maybe you don’t have enough work or the network needed for that, or perhaps you rather spend your time developing great computer systems than looking for new work. At WIBA IT, there is always room for a good system engineer. WIBA IT always places freelancers directly at one of our leading clients, for example Rabobank, the Chamber of Commerce and USG People.
Because our client are leading companies and organizations, we are looking for experienced system engineers. If you work on location via WIBA IT, you will have the unique opportunity of working with the latest technologies. So if you are passionate about what you do, that means going to work with a smile on your face. WIBA IT only works with freelance professionals, we don’t have IT specialists on our payroll who we need to offload first. We always look for the best match, for our clients, and for you.
WIBA IT is always looking for good and enthusiastic system engineers. Does that appeal to you and to you want to work for leading organizations and at a competitive rate? Sign up now at WIBA IT and stay informed about new jobs for system engineers.