Software engineer

You know exactly how you can let functionality and user friendliness go hand in hand with technology. You keep the demands and wishes of the end users in mind without forgetting the technical side of the software. In other words: you are a software engineer. Are you looking for freelance assignments? Then register with WIBA IT and we will contact you as soon as an assignment becomes available that matches your knowledge and experience. We place our freelancers directly with the end customer, without interference from third parties. This way we keep the chain short and clear.

Do you like working with the latest technologies? Then WIBA IT is the place for you. As a software engineer, you will have the unique opportunity to work with the latest technologies, for leading clients like Rabobank and USG People.

WIBA IT has no IT specialists on its payroll, we only work with freelancers. Are you thinking about working as a freelance software engineer? Get in touch with us, and we will answer all your questions and get you started as an independent professional, whether it has to do with your administration of updating your CV. At WIBA IT, you will have a dedicated contact who will help you wherever necessary. That is one of the reasons WIBA IT was voted IT intermediary of the year.

Are you a freelance software engineer and do you want to work for leading clients at a competitive hourly rate? Sign up at WIBA IT today and, as soon as a position becomes available, we will let you know at once. In the meantime, check the current assignments to get an idea of what we can do for you.