Servicedesk operator

As a Servicedesk employee, you are a real problem solver in the field of ICT issues. You find and provide solutions for technical issues. Besides a broad knowledge of ICT, you also have a lot of knowledge of people. As a Servicedesk employee, you know better than anyone else how you should talk to customers and users.

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WIBA IT was voted best IT intermediary of 2015 by the Staffing Awards, thanks to our personal support, active commitment and clear communication. At WIBA IT, you have a dedicated contact you can also call for questions or advice. Thanks to your approach, we were able to build a large network of interesting clients, who rely on the quality the WIBA IT provides.
Thanks to WIBA IT’s extensive client network, you can work for companies who are market leaders, with an open culture that allows you the space you need for personal growth. You will have a lot of responsibility, you will have to help clients and users in a customer-friendly way and find a solution to their questions. You are the face of the company where you work.

Your way of communication and the way in which you solve problems determine the experience of clients and users. Your approach gives clients and users a positive feeling about the company where you work.

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