Information analyst

Are you an information analyst and did you say requirements that are necessary for an IT process to run smoothly? Are you communicatively strong and can you represent WIBA IT well with leading clients? Then we are looking for you. WIBA IT is an IT secondment agency for experienced and proven freelancers and clients. Sign up to keep up to date with new challenges for an information analyst.

As an information analyst, you help businesses get the most out of their information. You will be working for leading companies who consider quality a top priority and where you will mostly be working with the latest technologies, which for someone in your area of expertise is, of course, a great opportunity. It will not only improve your results but also your personal satisfaction.

While system requirements and information needs are your bread and butter, the same is true for IT secondment for WIBA IT. We place freelancers directly at the client, so there are no other parties involved that add no value. The Staffing Awards voted WIBA IT best IT intermediary for 2015. At WIBA IT, everyone has a dedicated contact, for questions about a job, or for help and advice on other matters. We value personal development and help you wherever we can.

If you are an information analyst looking for a freelance challenge, you will surely feel at home at WIBA IT. WIBA IT guarantees a competitive hourly rate, and you will be working for leading clients, with the latest technologies. Sign up now, and make sure you are up to speed on the latest developments.