ICT automation

Do you think you have seen everything in ICT automation? WIBA IT is happy to prove you the opposite. By enrolling at WIBA IT you can win assignments from leading clients where you will be working with the latest techniques. At WIBA IT, even the most experienced IT professional is again challenged with new challenges. WIBA IT is looking for freelancers with expertise in this sector.

You are able to bring business processes into the 21st century. You make businesses quicker and better than ever before. As an automation expert, you are indispensable in every business. Do you enjoy helping improve the automation of leading companies? Then WIBA IT is the place for you. As a freelancer, you will go from challenge to challenge, which means you will grow personally as well. As innovator, you don’t want to be stuck in one place. WIBA IT is looking for motivated and experienced freelancers to work as IT specialists for leading clients.
At WIBA IT, we place our freelancers directly at the client, which makes the mediation process a lot less complicated and time-consuming. We only work with freelancers, so no hired staff needing to be placed first. We always choose the best candidate for each job. As a freelancer, you will work for leading clients like Rabobank and the Chamber of Commerce. Clients who value quality, which means you will more than not work with the latest technologies.
A competitive hourly rate, working for leading clients, a dedicated contact and working with the latest technologies. That is what WIBA IT has to offer you. Can you offer WIBA IT your business automation skills and experience? If you can, sign up now and stay informed about all the new assignments.