Front-end developer

A front-end developer knows how to combine creativity with functionality. At WIBA IT there is always room for front-end developers who are looking for a new challenge. Do you want to work at leading companies and use the latest technologies? Sign up at WIBA IT and stay informed of new challenges. Or check out the outstanding assignments.

WIBA IT is an intermediary who was voted freelance IT intermediary of the year. We place our freelancers directly with the client, without other intermediaries intervening. WIBA IT works for leading clients who are looking for experienced front-end developers who are used to rolling up their sleeves. Are you an experienced front-end developer who loves working with the latest technologies? WIBA IT is the place for you.

At WIBA IT, you are still helped the old fashioned way. Of course when looking for a new challenge, but also when drawing up a curriculum vitae or updating your LinkedIn profile. At WIBA IT, you get a permanent contact person to whom you can go for issues with which you are struggling or for advice. For example, if you started as a freelancer and have questions about related documents. WIBA IT does not only support during the solicitation process but helps where possible.

Working for leading companies, working with the latest technologies and, also not unimportant, working for a competitive salary. What we are looking for is a Front End developer with proven skills and experience. WIBA IT only works with independent contractors and freelancers. So no staff on our payroll that needs to placed first. Are you an experienced Front-end developer looking for a challenge? If you are, sign up now. You can also reach us by calling +31 (0)10 840 9999.