Blockchain developer

Blockchain is the technology on which Bitcoin is based. The Blockchain is, as it were, a ledger with balance sheets and transactions that are verified by a decentralized party. This decentralized party consists of all participants who make use of the network. As a result, not one body or individual is the owner of the network, but nobody is the owner.

WIBA IT stands for speed and innovation. We have been nominated for multiple awards and always place our candidates directly with our clients, without intervention from other intermediaries. Our clients include leading companies with an interest in Blockchain technology, so if you are an experienced developer with knowledge about Blockchain, then WIBA IT is certainly the right place for you.

At WIBA IT we do some things the old-fashioned way. We help you find the challenge you are looking for, obviously, but we also help you update your CV or LinkedIn profile. At WIBA IT, you have a dedicated contact for questions and advice, for instance if you just started out as a freelancer and you have questions about that. We not only help you find an interesting job, but with whatever we can.

Working for leading companies, with the latest technologies and, let’s not forget, for a competitive salary. We are looking for a motivated Blockchain Developer. WIBA IT only works with independent contractors and freelancers, so we don’t have staff of our own who come first. Are you a Blockchain Developer looking for a challenge?