App developer

Do you know everything about applications? Can you develop an app that takes into account both the end-user and the technical side? We are WIBA IT, an IT intermediary working with freelance IT specialists. We match IT professionals with the right client. Nothing more and nothing less. We know how to make the right matches flawlessly to the full the requirements of our clients and freelancers. WIBA IT is always looking for good App developers who could work for our customers.

A app developer is responsible for the development and realization of software and IT media products. This includes applications for the internet, websites, operating programs, application programs, network programs, entertainment software and interactive information carriers, course material and television images. There are several types of apps that are developed today: iOS app, Android app, Windows app, Business app, Mobile app, Cloud app.

The activities of the application developer are carried out in project form, so you work with colleagues on one project. That is why you need to be able to communicate well with your colleagues. In a project, you often work with strict deadlines, so working under time pressure should not be a problem. In a profession like this, systematic working is important.

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