Android developer

Android is a opensourceplatform that is being used on 900 million devices worldwide. Daily one and a half million devices are being activated on the Android platform. The platform keeps on growing and so is the need for Android developers.

Android is an operating system that is primarily developed for using smartphones and tablets. The software is now also being used for television, smartwatches, cameras, game consoles and even cars.

It is an open-source platform often seen as a Google operating system, due to the numerous changes and updates that the company releases for it. The high degree of adaptability ensures that Android is very popular and used on a large number of devices.

An Android developer knows what it takes to make an Android app a success. Such a specialist often ensures that an app is number #1 trending in the AppStore. Experience with GIT, XML, MVP concept and Android frameworks is often a hard requirement. Because Android nowadays is used on more than just phones, the knowledge of Android TV, Android Wear or Android Auto is very relevant.

Android developer makes web applications for companies and organizations. These applications can be games in the form of apps. But more and more companies are digitizing entire processes in areas such as project management, distribution, inventory management and marketing and making them accessible through a customized online application.

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