Timon van Groningen

Timon van Groningen

Via University of Applied Sciences Timon came into contact with WIBA IT. At school he did a project together with a classmate for the organization. He always found marketing very interesting and wanted to develop it further. Anne saw his ambitions and gave him the opportunity to fulfill this role within WIBA IT.
Friends of Timon would describe him as a direct, cheerful and energetic professional who knows what he wants. That he is so energetic is also reflected in his work. He is pleased that WIBA IT has the opportunity to share knowledge. If Timon could describe WIBA IT in 3 words, it would be qualitative, driven and ambitious.

When Timon looks at what he is most satisfied with, it is the way he does things. One of the examples he mentioned was his position as Marketing Manager at WIBA IT. There were many things that he himself had to learn what was good to broaden his knowledge. As a result, there are very nice creative things such as the vlogging, banners and the new website.

If there is something you can wake him up to, it is sushi. His favorite piece of sushi is the variant with the crispy shrimp that contains avocado and mayonnaise. To feast!

What is still on his bucket list is visiting New Zealand. Especially the place Hobbiton is high on his list because Lord of the Rings, one of his favorite films, is recorded there.

One thing we did not know about him is that he loves gaming! He can easily play 12 hours a day and preferably he plays World of Warcraft, his favorite game.

An important quote that Timon would like to give to us is: Celebrate life. This is because sometimes people are not aware of how beautiful life can be and that you sometimes have to stop and think about it.

- Every day you exist is a gift -