Tatiana Degtyareva

Tatiana was looking for an advancement in her career. A workplace where she could put her creativity and marketing knowledge to work… She saw such an opportunity at TWIBA IT where she started as a Marketing Manager!

Starting May 2019, Tatiana became the head for the WIBA IT Marketing department. She is focused on improving WIBA iT’s online findability, which is directly connected to the optimisation and professionalisation of our website. With her creativity and ability to think ‘outside of the box’, Tatiana will be leading the department in the execution of the Marketing strategy, which is full of exciting plans and activities for the coming year. What is also cool about Tatiana, is that she is a Google Analytics certified specialist, which helps her in her current role.

Tatiana’s first impression of WIBA IT contained in that the team was young and very motivated. She also noticed all the awards and nominations that WIBA IT received over the years. Tatiana was also excited about returning to Rotterdam – a city where she did her Masters studies.

Tatiana’s friends would describe her as an energetic and creative lady who is interested in art, painting and video gaming. She loves to paint and play PS4 in her free time. She is currently busy with Assassin’s Creed, Red Dead Redemption 2 en Detroit: Become human. Tatiana is also a big-time Marvel comic universe and Sci-Fi series fan.

One could describe her style as daring: she is not scared of bright colours and prints. Tatiana is also famous for her socks with animal prints. Another interesting fact about Tatiana is that she loves to laugh. She likes word jokes, which instantly lighted up the mood of the team. She also always knows to reference the right South Park episode or moment for fun situation at work, however, not everyone can always follow (as they haven’t seen as it as often, perhaps)…