Rolf Weijnand

In November 2019, Rolf Weijnand started as an Account Manager at WIBA IT. Rolf was affiliated with WIBA IT, as Anne had approached him in the past. The conversations with Anne were stuck with Rolf, so much so that Rolf approached Anne for career possibilities at WIBA IT. That is how Rolf became an Account Manager in the sales department, a position that is made for him!

From an early age, Rolf wanted to become a professional football player, just as most of his male colleagues at WIBA IT. With age, Rolf chose to focus on his career shifting his priorities from football. However, every now and then a ball is kicked at WIBA IT. Then he likes to show his football talent with pleasure.

Friends of Rolf would describe him as a serious, goal-oriented person. In his free time, he likes to play football (especially watching football matches with his friends!). We can also find it at a festival in the summer.

Rolf is always enthusiastic about a holiday where there is a lot of good food and the sun always shines, just Asia. He hopes to be able to make a world trip someday, but… currently, he is focused on his career at WIBA IT!

Finally, Rolf would like to tell everyone that it is important to make yourself vulnerable. That is one of the strongest features you can have. As long as you want to work on yourself and are open to feedback, you will always continue to develop.

- Do or do not. There is no try -