Regi Kosten

In February Regi Kosten joined WIBA IT as an intern. He noticed a vacancy online and immediately decided to apply. It was an immediate click at his job interview. Fast forward to summer 2019, now Regi has a new function – Recruiter / Sales employee. We are very happy to have Regi in our team.

His friends describe Regi as a sociable guy with who you can always break a chuckle, but can also be serious when you have to. Every now and then he travels back to his “hometown”, Lelystad, to reunite with his friends and family.

When he was 17, Regi stopped with his studies because the subject did not suit him. He decided to work for a number of years to gain some work experience. After a year or two, he missed school again and decided to make a comeback. He has recently graduated from a University of applied sciences. Something he is very proud of.

Reggi is no stranger to Rotterdam. His girlfriend lives here;  they can regularly be found in one of his favourite restaurants close to the Markthal: Hinoki. That is a Japanese restaurant where they serve a delicious bowl of Special Miso Ramen Noodles, one of his addictions. Although he still finds it difficult to eat with chopsticks, it is slowly getting underway.

Regi really enjoys his days off. He prefers to watch something on Netflix such as Narcos and La Casa del Papel or plays Fortnite on the PlayStation. Although he does not have a sense of rhythm, he manages to copy the most dance steps from Fortnite.

What Regi wants to get out of his life is inner peace. Life without worries, stress where you can enjoy the little things. Good luck, buddy!

If I told you I was different, would you understand the difference?