Ramon Vaes

Ramon was looking for a new challenge where he could combine his commercial skills with his knowledge of people. So he quickly ended up at WIBA IT, an intermediary specialized in seconding specialists in the IT sector. A nice side effect of his new position was that he could also learn something about IT. He always thought this was very interesting because his father had always been an IT entrepreneur.
Within WIBA IT, Ramon is responsible for the sales team. He now has a large portfolio of clients and every day he tries to expand this with great clients for our candidates. WIBA IT he would describe as unique. “We are all young and ambitious professionals who have to fight every day full of passion and exceptional strength against the violence of our market.”

Without Ramon there would be no party according to his friends. They describe him as a pacemaker who is honest and always ready for everyone. In the weekend you can find him in a café with his friends and in the summer you will see him occasionally at a festival or in the beautiful, historic port of Zierikzee.

Ramon is very proud of the fact that he has put a lot of things together. He has finally found a balance between his work and his private life. After a day at WIBA IT, he still has to travel back to Zeeland. And whether he is tired after working such a day? He even goes for sports late in the evening!

Ramon seems very happy to ever travel once without knowing what the final destination is. He particularly likes the freedom that you experience here and also he is very charmed by the beautiful places where you undoubtedly end up. And once he retires, he wants to see all the matches of the World Cup.

One thing not everyone knows about him is that he has two cats, Donna and Harvey. The cats are named after the characters of Suits, his favorite series. He is very fond of his cats and does not want to leave them alone for too long. That is why he sometimes goes home earlier.

- Get as much out of your day as possible, because it can be over -

Ramon Vaes