Patricia Molendijk

At her previous job, Patricia noticed that she was good at planning and organizing. She was looking for a new challenge and, by chance, WIBA IT was looking for an Office Manager. This was an absolute match and since 2018 she started as Office Manager at WIBA IT.

At WIBA IT she is responsible for the contractual matters. She also ensures that administrative and organizational work in the office runs efficiently and smoothly.

Patricia’s friends would describe her as a social and pleasant person to deal with. She handles people respectfully and tactfully. In the workplace, she is very connected and involved, always chatting with everyone. Patricia is also a hard worker, which her colleagues point out time after time. She is a true go-getter who likes to set the bar high, sometimes against better judgment.

Patricia is very proud of the progress and growth she realised in her life and the opportunities she has received. For her studies, she has been abroad; that experience has shaped her into the strong person she is today.

Patricia loves noodles with tenderloin and bean sauce from the local Chinese. She is also a fan of Black Pepper Beef with of course… the bami!

Patricia wants to see the world. It does not have to be far away for her, as long as she keeps seeing, discovering, but especially enjoying! South Africa will hopefully become her next destination to visit with her husband.

Colleagues from WIBA IT know that Patricia is not so sporty. But what may surprise you about her is that she used to play football. Team sports were her thing, but, unfortunately, soon she found out she was not so good at football… She prefers to watch a movie or a series on Netflix at home with a snack and a cup of tea.

A quote that Patricia’s mother has always given to her: “Treat someone else how you want to be treated yourself.” This is what Patricia wants us to take away.

- Treat someone else how you want to be treated yourself -