Massood Haidari

Massood was ready for a new step in his career. His best friend recommended WIBA IT and that is where he started working as an IT Recruiter since March 2018. Recruiting was still fairly new to him and he also did not know much about IT. Massood has familiarized himself with a lot of IT jargon, techniques and how to help IT, freelancers. Every month he is also present at the knowledge sessions organized by WIBA IT to learn even more about IT.

Friends of Massood would describe him as a nice guy who has a great sense of humour, but also works hard to achieve his goals. Besides, he is also performance-oriented, loves the unknown and likes a challenge. At WIBA IT, he is the funny guy. His colleagues always laugh at his jokes. That, however, does not stand int he way of working.

Massood is very proud of how he developed at WIBA IT. He has started within the secondment as a freshman. In a short time, he gained a lot of knowledge and experience. He has already matched many candidates and clients during his initial period. An outstanding performance!

Massood wants to inspire everyone you to try and be a better version of themselves every day. Try to learn something every day to develop yourself both personally and professionally.

- A mind that is stretched by new experience can never go back to its old dimension -