Marlies van den Berg

Marlies started in January 2018 as a graduate intern at WIBA IT. She had such a great time here that she decided to continue working as an IT recruiter. She also learns more and more about IT and recruitment, which was her rather unknown terrain. A nice start to her career!
Friends of Marlies would describe her as a cheerful and enthusiastic lady. She is always in for fun and she also likes to go out to eat regularly (all colleagues see this often on Instagram). If there is something to celebrate, you can find her in Little V or 1NUL8, a couple of her favorite restaurants in Rotterdam.

Marlies is very proud of her family and friends. On weekends she likes to spend time with her family and her boyfriend. In addition, she also has dear friends who she has known all her life and are always ready for her. You can wake her up for pizza, fries or a delicious red velvet cake from Dudok (give her a dissimilar ..)!

That Marlies loves to travel, we already knew at WIBA IT. She has been studying abroad for six months and she would like to see even more of this beautiful world. New York is hopefully one of the next destinations that she will visit. The city, culture and food appeal to her very much.

A nice quote that suits her is ‘Veni Vedi Amavi’, (we came, We saw, we loved). To every country she goes to, she falls in love with the city where she is at that moment. Beautiful memories are made that will always stay with her. Especially the city of Valencia in Spain has stolen her heart. What she would like to pass on to other people is that it does not matter where you come, as long as you are with the right people you can always make beautiful memories.

- Veni Vedi Amavi -