Ilkin Musajev

In February 2016, Ilkin encountered the vacancy commercial recruiter on LinkedIn. At that moment he did not know much about secondment, let alone in the IT sector. After his conversation with Anne he became enthusiastic and since then he has been employed by WIBA IT.

Currently Ilkin fulfills the position of an Operational Manager. He also manages and coaches the recruitment team. He is also responsible for the recruitment strategy. He strives to deliver more quality while keeping the company’s and team’s objectives in check.

WIBA IT is Ilkin’s second home because his colleagues are also his friends. Ilkin would describe the team as a bunch of young, hard workers who will never miss the opportunity to joke around.

Ilkin’s friends would describe him as a helper and a proactive person who gets everyone feeling at ease. His friends can go to him for all sorts of things from advice on relationships, work, study to sharing their doubts about buying a car. So, for all your trouble, Ilkin has advice!

Ilkin is very proud of what he has achieved. When he was only 10 years old, he moved to the Netherlands and ended up in group 6 at primary school in Sneek. The first word he learned was ‘ruler’. Language had never been an issue for Ilkin because he speaks no fewer than 7 languages. Two years later he had to take a cito test and he scored 544, which is VWO level.

What is still on the bucket list for Ilkin is a retro car collection from the 50s, full of cars with a story behind. He would also like to help the underprivileged in society in a playful way.

One more thing he would like to share with us is when you have certain ideas or want to take steps, you should not think about it too long. This applies to both work and private situations. Do not stand still for long at every choice you make.

- It's now or never -