Hang Nguyen Quang

Hang started in September 2018 as Marketing Employee at WIBA IT. She was looking for a nice job for her next study and after a short search on LinkedIn she came across WIBA IT. She immediately saw a match and decided to apply. Soon she could get started and now she strengthens the team part-time.
Friends would suggest Hang as a very cheerful and enthusiastic lady who sometimes needs to be restrained. She sees this herself and is very professional with this by smart prioritization. When we ask Hang herself what her friends think of her, she answers quite quickly and laughily: “They just like me!”.

As a Marketing Employee she is responsible within WIBA IT for all digital expressions of the organization. Think of our vlogs, recruitment images and banners. This was fairly unknown territory for her, but as a true go-getter she knows how to make this her own.

She has proven that she is a go-getter with her training. After she had dropped for her Havo, her motivation was completely gone. In the end she started an MBO course and chose to continue to HBO. This was a good choice where she is still very happy every day!

Hang may wake you up for fries (or fries) with Oliehoorn mayonnaise. She is also known within the family as a “fries monster” and may even brag about before the cousins ​​and nieces may.

What is on her bucket list is obtaining a swimming diploma. Due to circumstances she unfortunately could not make it and that is something she looks forward to. She also wants to travel a lot and see things in the world.

- Just go with the flow and be yourself! -