Gözde Yilmaz

Last year, Gözde met Rob Mes – the connector, in the Rotterdam metro. She indicated that she was looking for a new challenge. Together they have taken a picture and placed it on LinkedIn. Ilkin saw the photo and immediately approached her to work at WIBA IT as an IT Recruiter.
During her job interview with Anne she indicated that she wanted to do it ‘differently’ than the other recruiters. Employer Branding was a spearhead for her. Not only did she want to approach the candidates, but it was also important that the candidates find us and that it becomes more personal than just contact behind a computer screen or via the telephone. So she came up with the idea to go vlogging on LinkedIn. Every two weeks she explains various topics within WIBA IT. The vlogs are viewed on average more than 12,000 times! The nice thing about vlogging is that she is also recognized as ‘the vloggende recruiter’!

Gözde has been active on LinkedIn for years. She has helped many young people to internship and young professionals to a nice job. She is very proud of that!

Gözde would describe WIBA IT as a company where you have to work hard, but where it can be very nice and of course you can laugh a lot. The team is very close to each other and everyone is ready for each other as soon as necessary.

Friends of Gözde would describe her as a cheerful creator with a vintage soul who is crazy about social media. She likes to go out with her camera and she prefers to make portrait pictures of family, friends and other people she meets. She is also very enthusiastic, sometimes somewhat too enthusiastic. It still wants to prevent her from losing her story. Oops!

You can wake her up for a delicious breakfast in bed or for an activity with children, because she loves that. She also gets her energy from social projects. For example, in the past she has helped the elderly to learn how to cycle.

A number of quotes that she would like to share with us is “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” and “there is beauty in simplicity”, these quotes are what describe Gözde’s life. is what Gözde also often says and is close to her.

- Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans -