Derick Bank

Derick Bank started at WIBA IT in November 2018. Derick wanted to make the next step in his career and he found that match at WIBA IT. (….) spoke to him immediately because of the warm, friendly team and he also got the freedom and space to give his own interpretation in his daily work.
Derick is always ready for his friends when they need him. They can reach him on his telephone 24/7, even if he is celebrating holidays abroad. He describes him as a helpful friend who will complain first, but will help afterwards. According to his friends Derick often has the fun, but of course he can also be serious if necessary.

Derick is a huge foodlover. At WIBA IT he eats as many as 5 sandwiches as lunch! In his desk drawer you can also find tasty snacks such as fruit and donuts. Colleagues regularly come along to snack with us. You can wake Derick in the evening for a medium rare steak with pepper sauce from Gauchos and of course delicious fries with truffle mayonnaise.

Skydiving is one of the things that Derick would still like to do. Before he will do this abroad, he will first practice in the Netherlands a number of times. Skydiving gives Derick a sense of freedom. Fly to the destination where you want to be. So you will see him regularly abroad where he will visit his friends.

Besides that he loves traveling and is open to extreme sport, Derick is also very good at skateboarding. In 2012 he was even Dutch champion skating! Who would have thought that? And regularly you will see Derick in a dance school where he practices his kizomba skills.

To live and let live is what he wants to give to us. If something is meant to be, it is according to Derick.

- Work, Travel, Save, Repeat -