Anne Willeboordse

About 11 years ago Anne Willeboordse dared to take the step to start her own business. We know him as a hard working man who is fully committed to WIBA IT every day. What profiled itself as a small company with 4 FTEs in Goes, WIBA IT has now grown to more than 12 FTEs in Rotterdam.
Anne describes WIBA IT as a young and energetic team full of motivation who manage to do a lot of work every day by working efficiently. So here and there it is fun and we make jokes with each other, but of course everyone is also serious when asked. The team consists of different types of people with different characters. One by one they are unique and complement each other (very) well.

Everyone knows Anne as a real go-getter, but his friends would also describe him as a spontaneous and energetic person who likes to play jokes. In his spare time he likes to go to the gym near him where he regularly does crossfit. This way he feels recharged and he can go back to work the next day full of energy. In the summer you can find him in Vrouwenpolder where he likes kitesurfing and he visits a few festivals with friends.

What Anne is most proud of, are surely his two beautiful daughters and his girlfriend. In the weekend he likes to spend time with his family. His Saturday morning often consists of going to the market with his children where they get fresh bread, cheese and fruit and then have breakfast together. First Anne goes to work and then they all go out on their way, that could be that they go to town for a nice wine or / and a special beer or to a playground. In the evening he likes to drink a glass of wine with his girlfriend and then they prefer to watch a series on Netflix. Series he now follows are Fauda, ​​La Casa de Papel and Narcos.

What we did not know about Anne was that he used to play football at a high level. He even sat in the South-Netherlands football selection! Unfortunately he got an injury and had to be operated on his ankles. As a result, he could not continue his football career.

“Hard work and learning from failure”. That is what Anne wants to give to everyone. He thinks it’s important that you dare to make mistakes, because then they can analyze their mistakes and ultimately become better!

- Hard work and learning from failure -