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The WIBA IT team consists of a variety of professional and dedicated people. We have a close relationship with each other and complement each other’s specialties. Together we are strong and so we are able to help you as well as possible. To give you a better idea of who you are working with, you can read per team member how he or she is personally.
Anne Willeboordse – CEO

Anne Willeboordse is the founder and CEO of WIBA IT. He has worked for the organization since 2007 with complete dedication, each and every day. He wants WIBA IT to distinguish itself by acting quickly and proactively.
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Anne Willeboordse
Ramon Vaes -
Ramon Vaes – Team Lead Sales

Ramon Vaes has worked at WIBA IT since 2015. He is a customer-oriented account manager who values speed and transparency. He has great passion for his work. His aim is to find the right balance between maintaining and expanding the company’s client portfolio.
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Ilkin Musajev – Team Lead Recruitment

Ilkin Musalev has worked as an IT Recruiter at WIBA IT since 2016. He is always looking for the best match for every job. He always aims for quality and that shows in his work.
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Ilkin Musajev-1
Marlies van den Berg -

Marlies van den Berg – IT Recruiter

Cheerful Marlies has worked at WIBA IT as a full-time Account Manager since the Summer of 2018. Before that, she helped the organization as an intern. She is a dedicated colleague who always cheers the place up with her wonderful smile.
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Gozde Yilmaz – IT Recruiter

The ever-cheerful Gozde has worked as an IT Recruiter at WIBA IT since Februari 2018. She loves going out with her camera, which show on LinkedIn, among other places, where she is known as the ‘vlogging Recruiter’.
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Gozde Yilmaz WIBA IT
Massood Haidari -

Massood Haidari – IT Recruiter

Massood started working at WIBA IT in March 2018, after gaining the necessary sales experience at KPN. He loves the challenge of fining the most fun and challenging assignments for every candidate.
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Fauve Gelok – Administration

Fauve has worked as an administrator for WIBA IT for quite some time. A real, solution-oriented performer. No challenge is too much, and she is an enormous help for the partners, candidates and clients of WIBA IT!

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Fauve Gelok
Patricia Molendijk - Offie Manager | WIBA IT

Patricia Molendijk – Office Manager

“Never a dull moment”. That’s how Patricia describes her job at WIBA IT. There’s always a (complex) challenge to be sorted out, which keeps her job interesting. In addition to working as an Office Manager, she is also the go-to person for anything to do with contracts at WIBA IT.
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Tatiana Degtyareva – Marketing Manager

Starting in May 2019, Tatiana has taken up the role of  WIBA IT’s Marketing Manager. Tatiana is a creative marketer who loves to think ‘outside of the box’. With her broad experience and knowledge of marketing, she will make sure WIBA IT becomes a stronger brand name and that candidates and partners know how to find us easily! Read more about Tatiana.

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Tatiana Degtyareva - Marketing Manager
Hang Nguyen Quang - marketing assistant at WIBA IT

Hang Nguyen Quang – Marketing Support

Hang Nguyen Quang has worked in Marketing Support at WIBA IT since September 2018. She supports Timon in all kinds of management activities, as well as being the creative brain behind the company’s communication.
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Regi Kosten – Account Manager

Since February 2019 we have welcomed Regi Kosten as Project employee at WIBA IT. From the beautiful Almere he moved to Rotterdam to start a new challenge. Within the organization he mainly supports the Recruitment department.
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Regi Kosten is New Business Manager at WIBA IT