Based on several organizational shortcomings at previous employers, Anne Willeboordse decided in 2007 to take matters into their own hands and to establish WIBA IT. With this he wanted to deliver quality, independence and personal attention to all parties involved. Now, 10 years later, he still sticks to this thought. By delivering clients, partners and freelancers quality instead of quantity, he has ensured that the company continues to grow. Read below to find out the reasons why this vision can be realized and the company can continue the growth.
The organization consists of a young and dynamic team of commercially minded people. The colleagues have a fresh perspective on the secondment of IT professionals and the associated assignments. With a nose for talent the team knows how to act at a rapid pace. The team is driven and flexible and is committed every day to the best match. Proactive thinking with the client is second nature due to the technical knowledge they have in-house. WIBA IT is in the process close to its clients and always switches directly with the managers who have the assignment. In this way WIBA IT really knows the question behind the question! As a result, only one or two matches are often required. This not only offers WIBA IT an advantage, but also the client, partners and freelancers. Besides the commercial and technical knowledge, the WIBA IT team also has an enormous amount of knowledge of people. The WIBA IT team attaches great importance to making all parties happy. Establishing and maintaining relationships is very important here and a great deal of attention is paid to this. Because the employees have a lot of people knowledge, the recruiters also know well who they are dealing with. As a result, the organization knows not only to make a match on knowledge and skills, but also on personality, so at WIBA IT we realize “The best match for IT”.
WIBA IT has been active in the IT market for more than 10 years since December 2017. During those 10 years, the company has built up a large external network. A great network of direct clients, Freelance IT specialists and dedicated partners. This network is growing every day and from this daily challenging assignments and IT specialists of high quality continue. The majority of the clients are long-term relationships. They regularly outsource beautiful orders at WIBA IT because of the high quality that has already been delivered. The clients are large dynamic parties that come from different branches. Think of assignments at major financial institutions, but also promising (fintech) startups. energy companies, IT organizations and more. The assignments are completed using the extensive network of Freelance IT specialists and partners. For example, WIBA IT currently has more than 5,000 active IT candidates in its system. These candidates have a lot of experience and, due to their seniority, are among the top IT companies. By keeping the network external, WIBA IT remains effectively independent. There are no permanent employees who have to be seconded. This allows us to operate independently so that the perfect match and quality can be guaranteed.
Because of motivation, passion and especially customer-friendliness, we have grown enormously in recent years. The company continues to strive for continuous improvement. By focusing each year on improving our services, we have already achieved a great growth of more than 30% for several years (in 2017 this was even 38%!). A great achievement that we as an organization are very proud of. This growth can clearly be seen in the increasing number of vacancies and candidates actively involved in an assignment. WIBA IT has been able to award various awards and nominations for this dedication.
WIBA IT specializes in the complete Software Development Life Cycle Model (SDLC). This means that WIBA IT offers total unburdening for all phases of this model: planning design, implementation, test phase, maintenance, project management and more.

The senior candidates that are delivered in this process are among the top IT companies. These are very expert professionals with great knowledge in their field. Indispensable in daily business. It goes without saying that these candidates are looking for high-level assignments in fun business environments. At WIBA IT we have assignments that fit perfectly to this.

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