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Are you looking for professional support for your organization’s IT department? Here is how WIBA IT can help you with that!


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Are you looking for an IT specialist? WIBA IT, the independent and award-winning IT agency, provides you with the best match within 24 hours!

  • Independent mediation
  • Fast communication
  • Easy to reach
  • Transparent contracts
  • Personal attention
  • Transparent actions

  • “Excellent and fast service…

    I've had two dealings with WIBA IT in the past, both of which were very pleasant. They really care about being fair and meeting one's wishes. They're professional and very approachable. And best of all: they are transparent and want the best deal for all parties involved.

    Sipke Schoorstra
  • “Excellent and fast service…”

    I was contacted for a job via WIBA IT. After a short introduction with a few questions, I already got a pretty good impression of my recruiter. An hour later he called and set up an intake! Very fast and well managed. I think WIBA IT recruiters are honest people; they shared a lot of details with me that I used to my benefit.

    Jeroen Hildering
  • “Trustworthy and flexible intermediary…”

    Very clear and to the point in doing business. Always pay on time. I have not experienced that at other agencies. Also, flexible with paying out the first invoice.

    Frank Stolker
    IT professional

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WIBA IT (for the third time) is in the Top 250 fastest groweing companies of the Netherlands

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WIBA IT has been announced (for the third time) among the 250 fastest growing Dutch companies.
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